Katherine Bale

Katherine was a definite bookworm, but also very attractive.

Katherine, or Kat as she preferred to be called, was a neonate Embraced by Devon Johansen out West before coming to New Avalon for unknown reasons. At the time, her lineage was unknown but she was taken in and tutored by Josselin Baker during her time in the city, which ultimately led to Josselin's embarrasment in light of the choices that Kat made. Kat was slightly rebellious, and tended to get into trouble more often than not due to her extensive curiousity and youthful naivety. Ultimately, Kat was destroyed after is was learned that she had diableriezed the Lasombra Antitribu Ferdinand.

Toreador Lineage







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Philippe Volgirre


Marcus Falin

Madame Guil

François Villon


Michael Unther



Josselin Baker

Nikolai Kaplovich


Devon Johansen

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Katherine Bale


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