Willum Langley

An older, and purportedly only, picture of Willum.

The eldest Nosferatu in New Avalon, Willum is an elder who is believed to be New Avalon's first Kindred settler. He was residing in New Avalon when the Gangrel Hector claimed the city as Domain, but never made any attempt to oust Hector's claim, content to leave the Gangrel to his devices as long as he was left alone. He does not make any secret of the fact that he is looking out only for himself and trusts no others.

Willum became New Avalon's Seneschal in a strange and unexpected turn of events following Michelle Rauchete's action to claim New Avalon and take control of the city from Hector. After proclaiming herself Prince, she approached Willum and asked him to take on the role as her right hand, claiming that he deserved that right due to his time in the city. He reluctantly accepted and has maintained the position, much to everybody's surprise, into the current nights under Prince Natalia. Nobody is certain of why he has remained as Seneschal, or why Natalia continues to accept him as such, though there are more rumors regarding this than there are Kindred in the city. Even to this night, he wields a great deal of power within New Avalon, and the Prince seems reluctant to depose him as Seneschal as long as he continues to hold the post efficiently.

Some quietly believe that there are other Nosferatu that Willum, and possibly even his childer, have Embraced without the Prince's permission. There is nothing to confirm this and it is a matter that the Prince has not spoke of, so it is not discussed in any public forum or event unless one desires to have the combined ire of both Willum and Natalia brought against them.

Nosferatu Lineage








Willum Langley

Carla Banks

Timothy Davis

Henry Everest

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